time to survive

10 tips to help you in minecraft

1) the ideal weapons for survival:

  • the sheild
  • the crossbow
  • the NETHERITE sword (spoiler alert: if you dont have the nether update, dont look at this one!)
  • the trident

2) best type of materials for making houses:

  • bedrock
  • diamond
  • cobblestone
  • iron

3) Tips from the creator of this book:

  • when you first spawn, the first thing you have to do is to MINE WOOD.(if you)
  • if you want to add a "glass" table to your house, then make a 3-2-2 rectangular prism. After that, turn so that you are facing the 3-2 side.Then, break the top middle block, so that it looks like a chair made of blocks.(remember: you are still faceing the same direction!) After you did that, place a dry sponge in front of the block that is in the middle.(remember that there is only the bottom block, because you were supposed to break the top one, in the middle) Then, set the sponge on fire.(with flint and steel) Then, place water on the opening in the 3-2-2 that we made a whole in. and Finally,break the sponge and the blocks that you put water on, and place an OAK WOOD fence uder the floating water. that is how you make a "glass" table!
  • NEVER dig straight down!
  • as soon as you find COAL, craft TORCHES

4) 10 minecraft DO's and DONT's (5 each)

  • Do: mine WOOD
  • Dont: dig STRAIGHT Down
  • Do: get COAL
  • Dont: try to kill a CHARGED creeper
  • Do: find SHELTER
  • Dont: go MINING without torches
  • Do: build MOB defences
  • Dont: do anything questionable
  • Do: make a moat full of lava around
  • Dont: eat RAW chicken cause it might give you food poisoning! (50-50 chance)
    1. 5) how to use a command block (3 easy steps)

    2. place the command block
    3. crouch down and place a lever on any side (I would prefer on the top)
    4. Finally, enter the command that you want
    5. 6)